This is my first post & our second week on the GFCF diet.  Here’s  a little history about us:

We are a family of 4. My eldest son,  was diagnosed with Autism in June of 2008.  He is five years old.  My younger son is neuro-typical (NT) and is three years old.  I work full time & my husband is a farmer.  (That means he works the equivilent of 2 or 3 full time jobs, depending on the season!)

In a desperate need to do “something” for my son before he starts Kindergarten, we started examining possible interventions.  ABA is not available to us at this time, but we have been in active therapy (speech, occupational, physical) since my son was 15 months old.

I am not an expert.  At this point, I am barely a beginner.  What I do know is that after 4 weeks of weaning our son to totally GFCF, there are not nearly enough options, information & sources available to Canadians.  Most of the information & product availability is based in the USA and while it is wonderful to have the information, it is a little irritating to realize that, once again, the only source for a particular product is the US, and no, they don’t ship to Canada.

It is my hope to post reviews, information on where to find products, and particular coping techniques we use.  Welcome!