Nathan has been CF for about 3.5 weeks now and I am not sure that there has been any significant changes in him.  He seems to be stumbling over his words a little less & looking into my eyes a lot more.  Did he do that before?  I can’t remember & right now, I don’t care.  I am just so happy to feel the connection.

We started going GF about the same time but have only been partially successful.  He’s down to only 1 or 2 infractions this week (at least that’s the ones I know of), but I think it is making a difference. We withdrew all gluten one weekend and he nearly spun out of control.  It was as if he couldn’t control his impulses.  He was hitting, raging, yelling and destroying things.  I allowed a small amount of gluten (planned) into his diet every week until this subsides.

Today, he was into a sucker left over from a gathering we had yesterday.  Don’t ask me what the ingredients were, other than sugar & blue food dye.  His tongue was indigo!  And then he started hitting, biting, raging, throwing a fit, refusing to wash his hands etc.  I have to admit, I totally lost my temper too.  I went to his room & we talked about it.  He said his tummy was hurting & I told him that the sucker was probably making him feel bad. 

So, I guess we’re heading for dye-free status too.  And, a serious reduction in sugary junk!