We decided to remove dairy products from Nathan’s diet initially because he has the smelliest gas.  Seriously, the kid can clear a room!  My dad is lactose intolerant & pretty much everything I have ever read always suggests removing dairy products first.  We switched to soy milk right away & stopped giving him cheese, yogurt and pudding. 

We also tried Rice Dream, which he did not like.  Our vegetarian friend told us she also does not care for the taste of Rice Dream & suggested working some Chocolate Soy milk in, to get him used to the different texture of the milk.

Here’s what I’ve discovered about soy milk:  plain soy milk is pretty much the same from brand to brand.  Some are a little smoother or nicer tasting, but essentially, there isn’t much difference between Sobey’s house brand & Silk.  They all seem to go on sale for $3.00 to $3.50 for 2 litres.  Milk here is about $5.00 per 4 litres, so this is not such a huge budget hit.  The part I love best is that they are fridge stable (unopened) for weeks.  It is mid-August now & I have chocolate soy that is stable until October!  Can’t say that about milk!  So, you can stock up when it is on sale & save.

Chocolate soy milk is a different story though.  The smoothest, most chocolately brand is Silk, hands down. Sensational Soy is my next choice, and it goes on sale more often at our store. Compliments (Sobey’s) is about the same but is no cheaper than Silk on sale.   President’s Choice is least favorite (which doesn’t mean it is bad!) but it was $3.00 on sale, so also the cheapest.  Vanilla milk is pretty much the same preference order.

So, I know that many people do not recommend substituting soy milk for cow’s milk due to estrogen & because the proteins in soy milk are very similar to cow’s milk.  However, so far, it is working for us.  Nathan has less gas now & that is a pleasant improvement.