The hardest thing about starting the GFCF process is figuring out what you can eat instead of focusing on what you can’t.

For example, we eat a lot of cheese & casseroles that have cheese as a topping or main ingredient.  So, automatically I panic – what will I make for supper??  What can I feed as a snack that isn’t yogurt, pudding or cheese?

Well…..once I calmed down a little and thought about all the foods we love, it turns out that lasanga & capellati casserole (sooooo good, so not gfcf!) are not our only favourites.

Here’s our supper plans for the week:

Monday – Roast beef (crockpot) & mashed potatoes (using soy milk & Fleischman’s Lactose free margarine), garden peas & salad

Tuesday – Left-over roast beef sandwiches on GFCF bread (made from Celimix), gravy (made with cornstarch) & salad

Wednesday – Sweet & Sour Meatballs, brown rice

Thursday – Hot Dogs (GF, found at Wal-Mart!), El Peto Hot Dog Buns, rice or potatoes, vegetable

Friday – chicken nuggets (homemade), home fries

Saturday – Corn & Quinoa macaroni, grilled chicken

Sunday – fish, brown rice and vegetables

I generally plan all meals in advance anyway, so this is not much of a switch for me.  It really helps to know ahead so I can plan, shop, and prepare.  Otherwise, it would be 9:00 p.m. supper every night.