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Picture this: me in the (super large) grocery store, reading labels, getting more & more irritated by the second over how many things contain wheat, barley, oats, milk etc.  Surely Rice Krispies (it’s RICE) is safe.  Nope, contains malt, which is barley.  Well, how about soy cheese?  I hear all about that from US sources.  Nope.  Second ingredient is CASEIN!  I don’t know where you find safe soy cheese, but it sure isn’t close to me. 

Now, I am a label reading fanatic anyway.  It used to be all about the fat, calories, sugars & fibre.  Now, I am all about the ingredients list.  Never paid much attention before, but there sure are a lot of chemicals in the food I used to buy.  Yeesh.  And I fed this stuff to my kids??

Fortunately, there are a few stand-by mixes that I have been able to find in both the super large grocery store, our more local co-op (medium size) store & our very tiny, 3 aisles in total local store.

First is Celimix.  It comes in a yellow box for most of the mixes.  The bread mix comes in a clear, flat bag.  The next most common is Bob’s Red Mill.  Not everything from Bob’s is GF though, so you have to pay attention.  The third most common in Kinnikinck.  I haven’t tried everything yet but will post reviews as I do.

I will also try to create a new page where I list commonly found GFCF items & a brief review of each.  Give me a few days, we can only eat so much!!