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of my pantry.  Yikes.  The darn thing looks like a bomb hit it & it might explode again at any moment.  Wanna know why??

I live more than an hour’s drive (going 100 km/hr – that’s about 60 mph for my US buddies) from the nearest health food store or major grocery store.  We have a local store, I can get: soy milk, Celimix Rice bread mix.  For everything else, I have to drive.  It costs about $40 in gas to go, so one must stock up while she is in the big city.

I currently have about 10 soy milk in the fridge, 4 almond milk in the cupboard, 1 hemp milk in the fridge, 10 pkg of soy milk drinking boxes (for school), 2 boxes Vanilla GF cookies, 1 box Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip cookies, 3 boxes of cereal/granola type bars, 6 boxes of GF cereal (Envirokidz), 1 large bag of GF Rice Krispies (not the Kellogg’s, it has barley malt!!), 1 large bag GF Cornflakes, at least 2 lbs of every flour except Sorghum, 6 lbs of corn pasta, 5 lbs rice pasta, 3 boxes of assorted shapes of rice pasta…..

OMG.  This is seriously not the entire list, but I figure people will get bored.

On a side note, the boys are at Nana’s today.  She is not well informed of GFCF (my fault, haven’t had time to get her the info), so I sent lunch, snacks, etc.  Actually, that’s not fair.  She does know a bit about GF as a cousin is Celiac.  Anyhow, she asked if I thought it was helping.

Honestly, I don’t know.  I think we’ve had too many infractions to really say.  But, Eric’s eczema has completely cleared up.  So, maybe that is the first sign.  Nathan’s eye contact seemed to be improved, but he had fries at McDonald’s yesterday & is very teary & lost his good eye contact today.  Coincidence?