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Well, Tori, we tried Manitoba Harvest’s Hemp milk.  It is dated for May 2009.  It is NASTY.  Sorry, but it is nasty.  Actually, it tastes like barley dust off the combine filtered through a dusty shirt & distilled in water.  Yes, I think it is that bad.

I am going to try it in a bread recipe, maybe the nutty flavour will enhance bread.  I would like to be able to rotate our milk out of soley Soy Milk, but Hemp is not going to make the cut.

We did try Almond milk. I really like it!  It is thinner than soy milk, but tastes rich.  I have used it in pancakes as well as drinking it.  As a bonus, the kids requested it over the soy last night.  The downside is it costs 2x as much as soy milk, so we either cut back on milk-type drinks or bite the (expensive) bullet & switch to more Almond milk.  I would like to try a soy elimination challenge after we’ve been gfcf for a full month.  I think doing it too soon will just upset Eric too much.  He is already not such a fan of some of the swaps we’ve made, so I don’t want to test him too far.  After all, he is not the reason we’re trying this, even though i think it is helping him too.