Nathan has been so accepting of his new food plan but Eric is seriously not impressed.  They are taking their lunch & snacks every day to the daycare & Eric complains every morning that he doesn’t want to take lunch.  He tells me it is because I pack too much.  Daycare says it is because he wants what the other kids are having.

I really think the GFCF is doing him a lot of good too but am not certain that anyone else is supporting me on this.  I know that I have not been as strict with his foods as I have been with Nathan’s, so maybe it is my own fault.  I have been strict with the CF for at least 1 full week & that has brought good results.  I wish it didn’t take such a long time to get the gluten out of their systems.  It would be a lot easier to say “LOOK! This is working for both kids” if it only took a few days like casein.

I think that for now, I will keep fighting Eric on eating GFCF, at least until Nathan starts Kindergarten.  If Nathan has to take lunch to daycare, so must Eric.  That gives us about 8 more days of fully GFCF for them both.  As I type that I am wondering – is Eric fully GFCF though?? Or, is he getting extra treats at daycare that I am not aware of.  It is looking more & more like he needs to be on enzymes, even more than Nathan.  I must get busy & research them I guess.