There are two things I love and miss on this diet.  One is cheese.  Apparently you can buy Vegan Soy cheese in Canada, but I am unable to find it.  Maybe in Winnipeg, but that is 4 hours away from me.  The other thing I’ve been missing is chocolate.

We finally got our Enjoy Life chocolate chips in the mail from & they really taste the same as regular semi-sweet chocolate chips.  But, it is still not Chipits Milk Chocolate, which I can eat by the handful. The Enjoy Life chocolate chips are mini chips which are not a size I am used to baking with.  I am not sure why they can’t just make them normal sized.

So now I am on a quest to find chocolate that we can eat.  Bakers’ unsweetened chocolate squares should be safe but are processed on the same line as their milk containing squares.  Probably best avoided.  What I really want is a local, dairy free alternative.  I also don’t want to pay a fortune for it.  At the same time, good chocolate is worth the money.  Anyone have any ideas??