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I just have to tell you about yesterday.  Eric ran into the edge of the car door yesterday when I went to daycare to pick him up.  Ouch.  That put an inch long gash in his forehead.  So, off we went to the nearest ER, which is now 40 minutes away. (Thank-you ARHA.)   He only needed a band-aid  and some crazy glue, no stiches. 

So, since we were already so far from home, I suggested we should go get him a treat and some groceries.  I asked “What kind of treat do you want?”  his response “Can I wait until I get there to pick?”

At the store, I picked out what GFCF things there were.  There was only 1 4 foot shelf of GF products, yikes, even my teeny store has better selection than that!  But, I did manage to find Kingsmill bread.  I’ve never found it before (we were at a Co-op store), so am anxious to try it. 

But here’s the coolest part.  We’ve done some checking to see what kinds of “bad snacks” the kids can have.  Skittles made the cut, even though they are full of dyes.  One thing at a time I suppose.  Anyhow, without any prompting from me, Eric rejected all chocolate & went straight to the Skittles!  He even picked out a second bag for big brother Nathan.

It was so nice to not have to say “No, that one hurts your tummy”.  Nice not to be the bad guy, again.