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What a day of ups and downs in the kitchen.  I tried 2 new versions of bread today & both completely flopped.  Now, I am a really good cook & baker, generally, so flops are very rare.  But this was two, back to back utter failures.

My first was a recipe I found to replicate “Doves Farm White Rice Bread”.  You microwave it part way & bake the rest.  It was a disaster – didn’t rise, overbaked in the microwave but not all the way through.  So, the loaf was gummy & underbaked but nearly crispy on the outside.

The second disaster was trying Celimix White Rice Bread in the bread machine.  I put it on the “Express” bake which takes 59 minutes.  I was attempting to get the bread to be taller so to look a little more like wheat bread.  I’ve seen other people post pictures of tall, bread machine loaves.  Well, it was flat.  A little rounded on the top, cooked most of the way through & heavy.  Not at all like the nicer version I made the week before in the oven.  Darn it.

I also learned why xanthan gum is required.  Can you say crumbly cookies?? Yikes.  Good thing the kids love chocolate chip cookies & I have a good vacuum.  They still taste good but they are going to be a terrible mess. 

I did manage to make to die-for donut muffins.  I got the recipe from the yahoo group & they turned out awesome.  I will try to post it & some photos when I know how long & how well they keep.  Tune in later in the week!!