Nathan’s school has Hot Dog Day, two times per month.  As he is in Kindergarten, some months he is only there for one of the days.  They are also serving Hot Dogs at the school open house tomorrow night.  This makes me a bit nervous, since we haven’t had to tote our own food to events yet.  I am trying very hard to make his life as normal as possible, so I bought El Peto hot dog buns last month.  I found them in the freezer at our health food store.  They were about $8.00 for (I think) 8 buns.  I was pretty reluctant at first, but they are the only hot dog buns I could find & Nathan LOVES hot dogs.

So, I bought them, defrosted one gently in the microwave & served it to him with a GF hot dog.  He LOVED it.  I was so afraid he wouldn’t like the much bigger, denser bun.  Well, he does eat them strangely.  He eats all the hog dog & then eats all the bun.  He did this a little bit with the wonder buns but not to the same degree.

I would recommend El Peto hot dog buns, not having anything to compare them to.  They are a staple in our house & I can often find them at the health food store.  I am always on the look-out for a new product though, so if you have a recommendation, please leave a comment.