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Wow. That’s mouthful of a title. But, it fits for this mouthful of a cereal bar!  I bought these for the kids, but got a terrible case of the “munchies” at work, so I raided their snack bag.  They may not be getting their snack back after this!

This is not a cereal bar in the “Nutrigrain” soft-style.  It resembles a rice krispie treat & tastes soooo good.  It is basically crispy rice cereal mixed with peanut butter & pressed into bars.  The peanut butter flavour is very strong, very peanutty & very fresh tasting.  If you like peanuts more than peanut butter, this might be the bar for you.  It is not sweet & like a peanut, is slightly dry.  The bar is about 5″ long, 110 calories (3g fat, 2g protein) and I found it to be quite substantial.  Some of the Quaker-style granola bars(pre gf/cf) left me wanting a second one.  Not this baby.

The package indicates it might contain traces of peanuts (duh?), tree nuts, soy or dairy ingredients.  So, this may not be the perfect GFCF food.  It is very very tasty.  I recommend you get a box of these.  There are 6 in  a package & I think I paid about $5.99 for them.  You might even want to get two.