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I took the plunge & ordered digestive enzymes to complement our GFCF diet. I also bought the book “Enzymes for Autism”, which I have just barely cracked. Now, you might wonder if that was a good idea – getting the enzymes prior to reading the book – but based on my research, the enzymes I picked are top rated among parents. The reason I bought a book was to try to better understand & treat the boys. I can read it online dozens of times, but it isn’t the same as having a reference manual on my bookshelf, highlighted & noted.

The enzymes I chose are from Houston Nutraceuticals. The website has really good, basic information about what the products will do. We started with AFP Peptizyde & Zyme Prime. Both of these come in a chewable form, which is important to me as we haven’t taught the boys to swallow pills yet.

I have started the boys on a 1/2 tablet before meals. The tablets break fairly easily with a steak knife & are grape in colour and flavor. I found it quite pleasant and they did not protest taking it.

I also bought “Sweet Dreams Calcium Fizz” by BrainChild Nutrionals. I am very concerned that we are not getting enough calcium in our diet now. It is really neat – the orange powder fizzes up in the water or juice and creates foam. It tastes, well, kinda gross. Eric likes it a lot. He tried it first, in warm tap water (per directions) & declared it yummy. Nathan tried it & was not impressed. I added some apple juice to his glass, still not pleased.

So, I think we are going to try much smaller doses for Nathan at a time. I sent a 1/3 dose in his water this morning, so we’ll see how it goes.

I ordered from Spectrum Supplements who offer free shipping if you order $100 (Cdn) or more.  Two HNI bottles plus the calcium was about $108 (ouch ouch).  I ordered on Sunday & received the package on Thursday.  I am impressed.   You might notice, I added them to my “Where to Shop”, I am so pleased!