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The boys went to Nursery school today. The snack was: cheese, crackers & fruit. Now, if I know my children (and I’d like to think I do), they ate everything. Eric probably asked for extra cheese. They did not get enzymes beforehand, but would have had some with their lunch, two hours prior.

I have to go pick them up from daycare in a few minutes & I am scared. I am scared because:

1. What if they have a reaction/regression/increase in negative behaviour/etc
2. What if they don’t?

Number 1 is almost what i am hoping for because at least then I can point to this as a “see it is working” moment. If they have no reaction, should I be continuing to challenge foods? It seems a bit too soon in our journey to be doing that. (Besides, I think they are full of yeast too…)

Is it really awful to HOPE your kids feel bad from Gluten/Casein food?? Well, then I’m not winning mother of the year this time.