Sooooo…..Eric’s leg had 3 pinpoint rash dots on it last night after his bath. Looks like the same rash points he got prior to going CF. He *should* be GF too, but people keep sneaking him treats on the side, not realizing that I want both kids on the diet.

Nathan has a stinky BM this morning, more like he did prior to the diet, although, range of stinkiness is really subjective, I suppose. I am waiting to hear from his school if they notice behaviour changes at all. They don’t write too many notes, but if he’s acting out, I would think they would mention it.

Keeping in mind, they probably had 1-2 oz of cheese & 3 or 4 crackers, we’re not talking about a huge challenge. BUT, I did point out Eric’s rash to my husband & he was really surprised that Eric would have such a quick reaction!