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I had a great girls’ day out today.  We went to a craft sale & then had a huge lunch buffet before coming home.  I took 2 Zyme Prime before I ate thinking that it would help with the food I was about to consume.

I had: pasta salad, pizza, garden salad & popcorn chicken.  Yup.  Wheat, dairy & more wheat.  And while I did savour every last bite (it tasted almost sinful really), I am not sure the end result was worth it.

Within an hour of eating, I felt pretty awful.  Now, before the diet/enzymes, if I ate too much grease, protein or dairy in combination with protein I would (sometimes) end up bathroom bound for the night.  It got so bad in college, I couldn’t eat beef anymore.  Later I realized if I cut out the milk with beef, all was good, but that’s another story.

So, here I am, an hour away from home & I get that icky tummy feeling.  You know, the one where you wonder if you should find a bathroom now, or if you can wait.  I waited because I was too embarrased to ask for directions to the bathroom.  Luckily for me, it was ok. 

So, I guess I’ll be dealing with loose BMs and that nasty bloated feeling for the next few hours/days.  I’m trying to drink lots of water, take more enzymes & get some rest.  And I pledge to stick to my diet more closely next time…..