Not to be confused with the “White Bread” (because I did, same package, $2 cheaper) the White Rice bread is a different bread from Celimix.  Out of the two, I prefered the White Bread. 

The Rice Bread may have a bad rap in our house because I have had a couple of experimental flops using it.  I tried it in the breadmaker – bad bad bad.  It was short, fat & tough.  I tried it in our regular pans, too short.

I then tried it in smaller, foil pans, regular and mini size.  Success!  The bread rises high enough to be useful, but still much shorter than a “regular” bread.  White Rice bread is more crumbly & more gritty/ricey than the white bread.  Is ricey a word??  Well, if you eat GF, I think it should be.

Overall, this is an ok bread if there’s nothing else.  It isn’t fabulous but it does in a pinch.  Plus it is available in most regular groceries stores which is better than nothing!