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We finally tried pizza again, after a month long “homemade pizza Fridays” break.  It has been too crazy with harvest, work & school to even bother with our regular meal schedule, so it was kind of neat to get back to that routine.

I’ve had this Celimix Pizza Crust in the cupboard for weeks, waiting eagerly for a day to try it.  Well…I was not impressed with it.

The mix is super easy to use, milk or water, oil and the mix is all you need.  It mixes and handles similarly to wheat flour dough, although is a little more crumbly.  You bake it at 425 until golden, top & broil until the cheese is melted.

It looks amazing coming out of the oven, smells wonderful and tastes like an overly dry biscuit crust.  I ate one piece (no cheese) and one piece with cheese.  My mouth was extremely dry all night (and still feels slightly dry this morning) and I felt very uncomfortable.  That part could have been the cheese, maybe I need to steer clear of dairy from now on. 

Anyway, I would skip this mix.  It was a big hit with the kids, but the adults found is a pale comparison to the pizza we’ve enjoyed for years.  It is convenient but not worth the $4.00 I paid for it.