Here’s a quickie book review:

Enzymes for Autism & Other Neurological Conditions by Karen DeFelice

I recommend this book for anyone considering trying more than just the GFCF diet to help their child. The book is well written but is not a super easy read. I found I really had to concentrate, much like a course, rather than a novel. She discusses Enzymes: what they are, what they do, how to choose, and suggests a program approach, based on your goals.

Essentially, she recommends trying enzymes, very slowly, and work up to the point where you are seeing results. Based on her research, kids do even better on enzymes than elimination diets.

I got the book for about $20.00 and it was well worth the price. I don’t feel like I am guessing about enzyme use anymore and have a solid foundation for “why” we are trying them.