It’s true.  I am pretty organized (just don’t look in my desk).  I am totally Type A & not ashamed.  It has proven very useful with this lifestyle.  Finally, it is a compliment to be “soooooo organized”.

In order to follow a special diet, you have to be organized.  I make fresh cookies, muffins, or bread nearly every day.  We make pancakes about every other day, more often if all four of us have pancakes.  I have to plan my shopping trips because we live so far away from a health food store.  I carry extra snacks, supplements and enzymes, just in case.  Is it a lot of work?  yes.  Do I wish it was easier?  yes yes. 

I am also spending a lot of time online checking product ingredients. The awesome Campbell’s company is sending me a list of GF products.  I don’t want to post the list until I’ve checked labels for casein, but they actually HAVE a list. That is such a comfort, we can go to someone’s house & I don’t have to bring everything – just make sure it’s Heinz ketchup. 

And, just in case that isn’t enough, I am also considering implementing a rotation diet for Nathan. I am not entirely sure how I am going to work that in, but today was completely rice free, so I guess we could call this day 1 in a rotation, right?

Hey, if you’d asked me 2 months ago how I would ever find time to implement GFCF, I would have told you I was too busy then.  The thing is, you are NEVER too busy to help your kids.