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Grr.  Every once in awhile, I hit a major lull in my meal planning.  You know, if you have to look at another “ground beef” or “chicken” meal, you are going to scream.  We don’t eat pork, the kids won’t eat fish & my husband won’t do “vegetarian”.  So, then we eat pancakes or eggs & toast for supper, because I just can’t commit to coming up with something brilliant.  Being dairy free has really limited my fall-back meals, so I am going to need to come up with some new comfort foods if this is going to be a lifestyle change.

I did manage to combine a few things this week that the kids are still raving about.  Here’s the “recipe” (you can hardly call it that, but hey, if they think it’s gourmet, who am I to argue??)

Cook 1 (or more) pounds ground beef.  Season to your liking.
Boil 2 cups of noodle pasta.  Any shape will do.  Drain & toss with coconut oil
Boil 3 generous handfuls of chopped baby carrots until soft.  Drain.  (Hey-it saves peeling them!)
Combine noodles, carrots & beef in large pot.  Add 1 full can of tomato sauce.  (Mine was FRESH, homemade, with added broccoli & cauliflower blended in) 

Heat up the whole mess, slap on a plate & annouce that it is dinner time.  Seriously.  My kids had thirds.  Sometimes you can’t believe what a kid is going to like.