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Want to know where I’ve been?? I’ve been reading Mother Warriors, Jenny McCarthy’s new book. Fab-u-lous! I read Louder Than Words earlier this year & while I liked it, I was a little put off by her continuous use of the “F” word. I’m just not used to seeing it in print I guess.

Mother Warriors picks up where Louder Than Words ended. It is not just a continuation of Jenny & Evan’s story, but also an inspiring collection of stories from other moms (and a dad) who have battled for their children. The underlying theme seems to be that vaccines caused autism in these children & the parents do everything possible to recover their children.

I loved this book. It was heart wrenching & inspiring at the same time. I found myself wishing she had written 3000 pages worth of stories. So, if anyone who has Jenny’s ear reads this (sending out a wish here!), ask her to keep writing and keep fighting for our kids.

I do want to comment that I don’t think that vaccines caused Nathan’s autism. We never had a “normal” child that regressed or changed. He just developed a lot more slowly than his peers. We’ve always had growth from him, but 18-25 months behind. Now, with the GFCF diet, we are seeing REAL CHANGE, rapidly, in our son. So, even if you don’t agree that vaccines are the cause, I really encourage you to try the diet. I always say 50% recovered is better than 0%.

Be a warrior. Fight for your kids. And trust your gut. Mine hasn’t let me down yet.