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Happy Turkey Day (late) to my fellow Canadians. Where was I? At home, eating the turkey. Seriously, if there is food to be had, I’m there, not blogging about it on the computer.

So, how did we make a GFCF Thanksgiving that everyone could enjoy? Pretty simple actually. Our traditional Turkey Day (and coincidently, Christmas Day) menu is as follows:

Turkey (MIL prefers Butterball, I bought Granny’s since Sobey’s doesn’t carry Butterball in MB)
Assorted cold vegetables (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, etc)
Hot Vegetable (corn this year)
Cranberry sauce
Mashed Potatoes
Gravy (lots and lots)
Pumpkin Pie

Ok, before you panic, this is pretty easy to convert. First, the Turkey. I didn’t want a pre-basted turkey, who knows what’s in that. So, I rubbed a generous amount of Olive Oil on my raw turkey, sprinkled with fresh garlic & poultry seasoning. (Be sure yours is GF) Rub some salt in the cavity, a little more garlic there too.

Second, Stuffing. There is no getting around this one. I made 2. One with Regular Wonder bread, one with GF bread. Why? I’m feeding 12 people for Christmas, 3 of them are GF. Of the GF, 1 (me) loves stuffing, the other 2 tolerate it. So, I am not *wasting* $7.00 bread on those other 9.

Vegetables – totally fine here, except that you do need to watch your dip. Kids don’t like to dip, so we were safe.

Mashed Potatoes – these are amazing with Coconut Oil & milk sub. We used soy. No one can ever tell.

Gravy – make it with cornstarch, turkey drippings & GF chicken-in-a-mug, if you must. Glutino’s is great.

Rolls – oops, I forgot about rolls this year. No one asked either. Won’t be getting away with that at Christmas, so will have to finally learn a substitute.

Pumpkin pie – kids hate pie crust, so they get just the filling, which is GF. I’ll post the recipe another day.

See, no extra stress. I baked the 2nd dish of stuffing in the toaster oven & I NEVER stuff a turkey. Just don’t think it is a good idea, bacteria-wise.