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Let me start by saying I am convinced that this diet is working. I just don’t think it is doing enough. Nathan has made some huge gains in speech, behaviour & concentration but his voice…that pitch is enough to send me off to a padded room & don’t even get me started on his lack of volume control.

So, I posted to the GFCF yahoo group about this issue & the consenus was we need to treat for yeast. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is supposed to be excellent to combat yeast. There are dietary interventions as well, like reducing sugar, carbs, fruits which are also helpful. Considering that I am at the point of quitting out of laziness, I can’t be trying any new diet changes just yet.

(I have a real problem with starting a “healthy lifestyle change’ and getting bored of it & quitting just when it is starting to work)

Anyhow, we went to Sangster’s yesterday & picked up GSE, Olive Leaf Extract (OLE), and Yummi Bears Calcium. I really want to try the GSE and see if it makes a difference to the boys. I bought the OLE to have “just in case” since it seems to be a very popular intervention as well.

I gave the boys 1 drop each last night & 1 drop each this morning. I am hoping to minimize any die-off reactions, which I have heard can be quite brutal. Since today is Friday, the plan is to give it at this level for 2 days & see. If there are no changes, I will increase accordingly.

I have to say, I am praying that the voice/volume issue is resolved, my head is so congested, that even the keyboard keys are hurting my head.