If you don’t know, Play-doh is a No-No if you are gluten free.  Why?  It is made with wheat & there is a possibility of our kids eating it, absorbing it through the skin or transferring their unwashed hands to the mouth & then ingesting small particles.

One alternative is Crayola Model Magic Fusion.  We bought it from Mastermind Toys, my favorite on-line toy store.  However, I have seen it everywhere: Wal-Mart, Michael’s, Zeller’s, Target.  It was $8.99 for a pack of three, so is a lot more expensive than Play-doh, but I am getting used to that.

We bought the red, yellow & blue combo & the boys have played with it twice to rave reviews.  It is a completely different texture that play-doh & doesn’t leave that dry feeling on your hands.  It pulls, rolls, cuts out & stamps just like play-doh, just more firm & I think a bit heavier. 

The tubs are generous enough for 3 kids to have a decent sized ball of dough to work with.  They are tightly sealed because this stuff will dry hard in 24 hours, more like clay.  We opened it last night, played and resealed the containers.  It was exactly like new this morning.

Ooooh…the Fusion does NOT stick to the carpet, socks or make teeny little bits that track all over the house.  I wish I’d found this years ago, just for that reason!