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I’m hesitant to update today, because I am not sure if we are seeing any changes in Nathan or not. Yesterday we was quite moody, easily brought to tears & meltdowns. He also peed his pants, which he hasn’t done in over a year. So that was weird.

His “volume control” seems to be lowering or is it this terrible cold that I have? Maybe I just can’t hear it as well.

Here’s the ramp up schedule I’ve used:
Thursday – 1 drop
Friday 1 drop twice/day
Saturday 2 drops twice/day
Sunday 4 drops (probably give 4 more again tonight)

I was reminded by Dana (of Danasview) not to give the GSE within 2 hours of a probiotic. I may have screwed this up at least once in the first day or two. So, maybe we didn’t get full reaction we should have.