Ok, in an ideal world, we’d be perfectly GFCF all the time. Heck, we’d be dye free & soy free & high fructose corn syrup free too.

I live in “work 35 hours, drive 5 hours, church on Sunday, errands on Saturday, crazy busy life” world. So, that means we make some compromises. We use enzymes to catch accidental & cross contamination infractions. We try to avoid restaurants because of this issue & pack our own food. I read food labels incessantly, even on the tried and true brands, just in case it has changed.

But, I have to admit, I am not a super-mommy, even though I told my kids that was my costume for Hallowe’en. I did not go around to our neighbours and give them the treats to give my kids. I intend to do what I have always done for Hallowe’en: let them go out trick or treating & raid the candy bags later.

That’s right. I am going to steal their treats. And no, I am not going to replace them. They get enough junk already, they won’t even notice. I bought some “safer” candy for them, dyed of course, so not perfect. They can have those & any treats that I feel are ok. And, I’ll pump em full of enzymes, epsom salt baths & fresh air. They’ll get their fill on Saturday & Sunday & then the treats disappear.

Yes. Disappear. I compromise, I’m not crazy. We’ll pull out a treat or two per week for good behaviour or whatever. But, they are not living on candy. Besides, in 5-6 weeks the Christmas baking binge will begin. How much sugar does one family need anyhow??

Happy Hallowe’en!