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The school called, a Hallowe’en party (substitute) treat was needed the next day. I had been saving a little box of cake mix for such a glorious occasion. Oh, dear Celimix, please don’t be like the nasty pizza dough & let me down. So, with hope & joy I began to make a GFCF chocolate cake for my darling boy.

Yup. That paragraph is sweet enough to hurt your teeth. Kinda like cake should be, right? Well, I am pleased to tell you that the Celimix Dutch Chocolate Supreme Cake is worth the $4.69 I paid for it! It makes an 8×8 cake that is dense without being super heavy. It is a bit more like a well-cooked brownie perhaps, but still tastes like cake. I iced the cake with a butter icing which is always a hit in my house. (of course I used a dairy-free substitute, don’t panic, I’ll post that one later)

I did not notice any gritty aftertaste which can be a problem in some boxed mixes. The cake was moist and stayed fresh for 4 days, covered with plastic wrap. It might have stayed longer, but c’mon. It’s cake, not prune juice, you’re supposed to eat it up fast!

I took the leftover cake to church on Sunday all the children asked for seconds. If that isn’t the sign of a fabulous cake, what is? (And, only one of those children is GF!) For my money, convenience and taste buds, this cake is a total WINNER!