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When you think GF/CF/SF etc you don’t think of “cheap” food. By that I mean inexpensive. C’mon, $4.69 for a cake mix? I can get 2 for $4.00 of the Duncan Hines this week. Ok, we can’t eat them, but still….

One of the Yahoo! groups I belong to had a question about quitting biomedical because of the expense. There is no doubt in my mind that I am back in Credit Card Debt land due to our biomedical journey. Fortunately, mine is not at the frightening level yet, but we’ve only been GFCF since August, so I don’t think I should be bragging.

Before GF, I was a fairly careful shopper. I clipped coupons, didn’t eat out too much, looked for sales. Heck, I refused to buy wheat flour at $13.99 because I used to get it for $5.99 on sale. I made most things from scratch but did love a frozen pizza or a box of Hamburger Helper.

Since going GF, that thriftiness went out the window. In my quest to clean up our diets and replace our favorites, I bought anything and everything that struck my fancy. Nathan loved granola bars. Quakers bars go on sale for around 2.99/6. EnviroKidz are 5.49/6. So, there’s an upcharge of $2.50. Or, another example, Kellogg’s Rice Crispies go on sale for $4.99 (jumbo box), Nature’s Path Crisp Rice is $9.99 (big bag). An upcharge of $5.00.

This adds up. Fast.

So, I am back on a quest to eat healthfully, stay strict on the diet and not go bankrupt. I am introducing Thrifty Tuesday. Every Tuesday I am going to post a food (or recipe) that is inexpensive that we like. Or, a tip or two to get the most out of your food budget.

Today’s Thrifty Tuesday Tip: Get to know the Potato.

Oh yes, the mighty potato. So nutritious, so undervalued. I bought 20 pounds for 9.99 (not on sale) yesterday. That’s 50 cents per pound. If I had waited, I might have gotten a better deal, but I digress. One medium potato will feed a person easily. We like ours best mashed. But, the little secret I didn’t know? Salt the water you boil your potatoes in. About a tsp of salt makes those potatoes too good to miss.

We mix ours with cf margarine & rice (or soy) milk. The kids ate 2 platefuls last night. That is success, baby.

(Oh, and while it is too late for this year, keep this tidbit in mind.  You can grow your own potatoes.  About $10 will yield far more than 20 lbs of fully grown, pesticide free potatoes.   My MIL used to grow over 100 lbs per year and that fed her family well into the next spring, all for the cost of the seed.  What could be more thrifty than that?)