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Kinnikinnick is a Canadian company based out of Edmonton, Alberta. They have a line of both ready-made baked goods as well as mixes. While I can’t get every single product they make locally, I haven’t had any trouble sourcing at least a few at several major grocery stores.

I was told by our Celiac cousin that Tapioca Rice Bread is his all-time favorite bread so when I saw it at Safeway, I had to try it. It was in the freezer and was about $6.99 per loaf, so that was a little ouchy. However, bread recipes and I have not been getting along, so I figured it was better to try expensive bread than waste any more expensive flour.

This is GOOD bread. Not only does it taste more like wheat bread than anything else we’ve tried, it behaves more like wheat bread. The slices are very thin but surprisingly filling. You need to warm it in the microwave or toaster as this seems to open up the “pores” of the bread to accept whatever you are spreading on it. Once warmed slighly, fillings spread easily & soak in just a bit, which is crucial to bread in my opinion.

The bread is soft and does not get nasty from repeated freezing and thawing. I have had a loaf in our fridge freezer for 3 weeks and because it thawed a bit on the way home, all the pieces are completely frozen solid together. In the interest of reviewing, I have defrosted, frozen and defrosted this bread at least 5 times and the last piece was still as yummy as the first.

Kinnikinnick is available at many grocery and health food stores including Sobey’s and Safeway. Or, you can buy online from Kinnikinnick. They have a nifty store finder as well. I haven’t ordered online from them yet, but intend to soon. (review pending) They ship throughout Canada and the US.

Conclusion – this is bread worth buying, eating and hoarding. It is a little pricey but since going GF we don’t crave bread anymore and don’t eat a loaf a week! (One loaf is lasting about 2.5 weeks) Give it a try at your house & let me know what you think.