I have found another wonderful Canadian store online – FeelGood Natural Health Store. They stock many thousands of items, but the ones I am most excited about are the ones that come from….

Kirkman Labs!

Now, I don’t know if they stock the whole catalog, I haven’t compared site to site. But, they do stock things like Vance’s Darifree, sample sized bottles of several products (yahoo!), other food items, many, many supplements, personal care and food items. I was so excited because I didn’t want to deal with the high cost of shipping from the US or the possible Customs hold-ups.

If you are in Ontario or Quebec, orders of $60.00 ship free.  If you are in the rest of Canada, orders of $80.00 ship free.  So, this is a little less cost than the Spectrum Supplements ($100 free shipping), if you are only ordering Kirkman or some of the other brands found on FeelGood’s site. 

I ordered: sample size Super Nu Thera Lemon Lime, sample size unflavoured calcium powder, 2 Darifree & 2 Darifree Chocolate, 1 Strawberry Syrup.  The sample sizes only come in sets of three, which is too much if your kid doesn’t like it, but perfect to tide you over until your next order ships  if he does.  They e-mailed me immediately to let me know that it would take about 2 weeks to ship my order (I guess something wasn’t in stock).  The order arrived quickly though, I don’t remember if it was actually 2 full weeks!

I checked into ordering directly from Kirkman, and to be honest, once I figured out the exchange & shipping to an American destination, it wasn’t going to be much different.  Add in the cost to ship to my actual address, and there was a substantial upcharge.  So, if you are in the market for Kirkman Labs products, FeelGood Natural Health Stores is your new corner store.