I am headed off to the West Coast for a week-long, kid-free holiday. (Yahoo for me!) So, that has made a TON of extra work for me this week. Why? I dearly love my husband, but Betty Crocker he ain’t. So, I have had to make a full week’s worth of extra food, breakfast, lunch and supper, plus snacks that would be GFCF, easy to reheat & stuff the kids will actually eat.

This is actually not as awful as it sounds. So, here’s their menu:
Saturday – Shepherd’s Pie (ground beef, corn, mashed potatoes)
Sunday – Sweet & Sour Meatballs and rice
Monday – Chicken Strips & fries (hey, gotta have one cheater meal while Mom’s away)
Tuesday – Chicken Pot Pie (see here for the recipe)
Wednesday – Leftovers
Thursday – Tinkyada Spaghetti & meat sauce
Friday – SOS night. (That’s Stretch Or Starve – as in, finish whatever leftovers are in the fridge or eat p.b. on toast)

The Lunch menu for the boys is pretty much the same: macaroni & chicken, macaroni & hot dog, leftover sweet & sour meatballs, or p.b. & jelly on gf bread. They don’t appreciate variety, so why push it?

For snacks, I made Donut Muffins, 3 recipes of Chocolate Chip cookies (they keep EATING them. Don’t they know these are supposed to be for Next Week??), Mixed Fruit Muffins. I bought plenty of mandarin oranges and apples too. They also have EnviroKidz cereal bars and Kinnikinick cookies, which I haven’t tried so I hope they are ok.

For Breakfast, I bought Nature’s Path waffles, Vans Waffles (both new to us, but good) and made extra pancakes. They also have several cold cereal options.

In addition, I had to make up a supplement schedule for the kids, write it out & post it in our cupboard. Nathan takes: 1 each of: AFP Peptizyde, Zyme Prime, No Fenol, Children’s DHA (Nordic Naturals), Pro-Gold Probiotic and a gummy calcuim at breakfast & supper. I pre-packed his lunch supplements which are the same except no probiotic.

While I have no concerns about my hubby’s parenting abilities, I just want to make his life as simple as possible. I don’t think he has any idea of the work & effort it reallytakes to keep the kids GFCF. He just keeps saying that my plane better not crash, because he’d be so lost! On the upside, my trip allowed us to have a frank chat about whether or not the diet is “working”. He thinks it IS! So, I am not crazy. (Well, at least not about this)

So, this is me, signing off for a few days. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some wonderful new GFCF products on my trip to review too!