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I have to admit, I am trying hard to switch us from Soy Milk to other types. We’ve tried Hemp Milk. Sorry, nasty. We’ve tried Vance’s Darifree. It’s been good so far. We’ve tried Almond Milk. I have to say, it is my favorite.

Blue Diamond makes a wonderful Almond milk, it comes in Plain, Vanilla, Chocolate and Unsweetened. I have tried all but the Unsweetened. It is thicker than rice milk and very creamy. The vanilla and chocolate are quite flavourful, still with a slight “almondy” flavour, but really more like a treat than a regular milk. I like the chocolate quite a bit but have convinced the kids that it is a “sometimes treat”. Since it only lasts about 7 days in the fridge once opened, well, I am forced to finish it. Ahhh, the tough life of a mommy.

The Almond Milk is packaged in shelf-stable packaging (about 941 ml) and is available everywhere – Safeway, Superstore, Sobeys, Co-op, Health Stores, etc. I have paid as much as 3.99 for it, but most often pay around 3.00. Superstore had it on sale this week for 2.59, score a deal where you can, right?

And, here’s a tip for the day: Almond Chocolate Milk makes incredibly good hot chocolate. Just heat about 2 minutes and enjoy. You can add marshmallows too, I just can’t seem to find mine in the cupboard. Hey, at 120 calories per 1 cup serving, it’s like having warm dessert in a cup.