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We are not using a ton of supplements.  Right now, Nathan is taking:

Kirkman Pro-Bio Gold chewable probiotics
Houston Enzymes: AFP Peptizyde, No-Fenol & Zyme Prime
Nordic Naturals Children’s  DHA (strawberry flavoured)
Biotin or Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)
Kirkman Unflavoured Calcium powder
Swiss Naturals Magnesium

Ok, now that looks like a lot.  Hmmm.  My main trouble is, I haven’t taken the time to teach him to swallow pills, so I have to find chewables, liquids (which he hates) or pills that don’t taste “too awful”.  His biotin is not a chewable, but he chews it anyhow.  Every single time he says “I don’t like this one” but chews it up with the Houston enzymes to help mask the taste.

We found out that ground up magnesium tablets do not mix well in fruit juice.  It makes a gross-looking scum on the top that never blends in.  It does however blend decently with his milk sub.

We’re back to using GSE as we ran out of Biotin (which is hopefully here soon!!) and have a helpful tip for you.  It is well masked by the Pink-flavoured (I can’t remember which one it is!) 5-Alive.  You can find it as a frozen concentrate & it is quite a strong-tasting juice.  There are no artifical colours or flavours in this, although it could cause a phenol reaction?  I give No-Fenol with the GSE anyhow, so am not concerned about that just yet.  Anyhow, we started with 1 drop per cup of juice & a straw.  Nathan can tolerate 2 nice sized drops, but after that he will reject his juice.  No wonder, it tastes awful at a 3-drop rate!

I’m giving 4 drops of GSE per day.  It must be given 2 hours apart from pro-biotics though, so that can make dosing a little tricky.  I’ve tried giving one in the morning &  one at night, but I can’t decide whether it is better to start with the pro-biotic or the GSE.   We’ll keep that up for about 2 days.  If that doesn’t get his yeast-behaviors (screeching, super loud voice, no ability to control his behaviour) we up it to 5-6 drops for another 2 days.  Usually 4 drops is enough for Nathan.

We’ve just added the magnesium, which is to help with absorbtion of calcium and biotin.  Without enough magnesium, the biotin can cause constipation.  I’m anxious to add several more new things, but I know:


You can’t know how something is affecting your child if you introduce too much at once.  So, next week I look forward to adding Folic Acid.  Potentially, this could help with speech.  I’ll let you know.