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I have to tell you, GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) is like a miracle worker in our house.  Four days of that and Nathan is a whole new kid again. Nope, he’s not perfect, but he’s quit whining and screechig.  Thank goodness, I didn’t know how many more days of that I could take!

I had suspected yeast, since our biotin ran out, but until we had the “proof” sitting at the supper table last night, I wasn’t certain.  Nathan sat, calmly, ate supper and finish every bite.  What a nice change.  Of course, my husband thinks that going back to school and getting into a routine again is the bigger reason.  You can’t win em all I guess.  I knew that I couldn’t send him back to school full of yeast, the teachers would wonder what happened to “their” Nathan.  They’ve never seen him off the diet and his K teacher seems unconvinced that he needs an IEP.

He does.  But, that is another story.

We read about 10 stories last night while he was detoxing in the Epsom salt bath.  He couldn’t seem to get enough.  This morning he was busy with Starfall.com, his favorite early learning site.  He was trying to create words, but not having a lot of luck.  It’ll come, he just isn’t patient.  (I don’t know where he gets that from….)