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Warning  – this is a Soy product, if you avoid that.

Ok having gotten that out of the way – So Good Chocolate Supreme is my new guilty pleasure.    110 Calories per 1/2 cup serving & 6 grams of fat make this an oh-so-good treat.  It is labeled as a “non-dairy frozen dessert”, sold in the ice cream area of our grocery store.  It is definitely dairy free, because I can’t eat ice cream & I can eat this!

The chocolate flavour is strong, the product is very smooth and creamy and it lasts for a long time once opened.  (Assuming you don’t eat it every night!)  I had a 946 ml container in my freezer for over 4 months & it had almost no ice crystals.  Ice cream that sits that long is usually nasty & full of crystals.  The product also scoops similarly to ice cream so could probably be passed off pretty easily for a “dariy eater”.

I fed the chocolate and strawberry versions to my extraordinarily picky nieces and they asked for seconds, so I think that helps to prove how good it is. 

My boys love this ice cream although I think they like it even more if I’d let them eat it more than once per month!  I recommend it too!