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Have I written about the joys of an Espom salt bath?  I can’t remember, so if I have, know that it bears repeating on a regular basis anyway

What is Epsom Salt?

It is Magnesium Sulfate – and was given the name Epsom because it was first distilled from water in a town called Epsom, England.  (Kinda like facial tissues are Kleenex, but isn’t a “brand name” like Kleenex)

Why use Epsom Salts?

We use Epsom salt primarily for dextoxification and relaxation.  Nathan has enjoyed his bath since he was a baby and really unwinds well in a tub.  So, that helps him to sleep.  The magnesium provides a valuable mineral that he needs for proper absorbtion of biotin and the sulfate helps to flush toxins from his body.

How Much and How Often?

We use 1 cup of salt in a tub of water that comes to his belly button or higher.  He baths at least every other night but gets full benefits if it is every night.  Each person is different.  Many parents start out at very low levels (1/4 cup) and work up to as high as 2 cups or more.  The bath should be warm and for 20 minutes to get full effect.

Are there side effects?

Teach your child not to drink the water because it is a laxative (hey – milk of magnesia!!).  I’m pretty sure Nathan drinks his once in awhile though & it doesn’t cause him too much discomfort.  Other side effects might include becoming very relaxed and tired, so it is a good idea to stay close & watch your child’s reactions. 

Can I bath kids together or with myself?

This is a personal decision.  I don’t bath kids together anymore because I am looking for the relaxation for Nathan.  He can’t relax with Eric in the tub too.  You might try single baths, record results.  Then try group baths, record results.  See what works best for your own situation.

Any other information?

You can buy Epsom salts everywhere.  I get mine at the drugstore – $3.99 for 1.8 kg.  (I’ve paid a lot more too & saw no difference).  You want a plain, unscented version.  You may see lots of fancy bath salts, ignore them.  Get the plain, white salt.

Lots of parents have their kids bath in Epsom salts after swimming to rid the body of chlorine.  There is also a cream that is available – Kirkman’s sells one – or you can make your own by dissolving salts in water and adding to an unscented lotion.  We tried the cream (homemade) and didn’t like it.

Other people report much success from foot baths also.  We keep Nathan in the tub for the full 20 minutes by reading him stories.  So, in addition to detox, we are starting the bedtime routine and providing some extra one-on-one time and learning opportunities.

Betcha never knew a bath could be so full of possibilities!