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I keep hearing, whispers, about this thing called a “Lara Bar”.  It is supposed to be one of the all-time greatest treats in the GFCF diet.  So, when I finally found some, I had to give it a try.  (should have bought more than 1 flavour, I think, but that’s another story)

I bought Peanut Butter Cookie Lara Bar because those are my all-time favorite cookies.  The ingredients are: Dates, Peanuts, Salt.

That’s it.  No artificials. States right on the label: No added sugar, Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegan, Kosher.  So, clearly, unless you have a nut allergy/intollerance, this should be a “safe” product.

It is very heavy and a substantial snack.  At 210 calories & 13 grams of fat (only 2g are saturated, no trans fats), it might almost be a meal-replacement bar.  You definately aren’t going to eat two of them in a sitting anyways!

The flavour – well, it is peanutty.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say it replaces my PB Cookies though.  It has small chips of peanuts through the bar which provides some texture.  It is a chewy bar & the peanut flecks add a little more crunch.  I really like it but I don’t think it is one my kids will like.  The peanut bits would annoy them and it isn’t “sweet” so wouldn’t replace a cookie as nicely.

For myself, this Lara Bar is a good snack.  I paid around $2.00 for it, so it is pricey compared to say a Chocolate Bar (which wouldn’t be GFCF, ok…) but as an occasional treat, is not too much.  I think I would stock up on these for loooooong car trips as an alternative to the junk food at the convenience store but not for kids lunch boxes.  My vote is: buy it for yourself, don’t waste it on the kids!