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We are now 6 full months GFCF! We started this journey back in August & while we haven’t been fully compliant and are still finding cross-contamination and infraction problems, we have experienced amazing changes.

What changes you ask? Well, here’s a short list:
– Increased eye contact, Nathan will look you in the eye now. This is inconsistent, but was non-existent before

– Reduction in emotional meltdowns. We still have meltdowns, no doubt. But not as often, not as severe and not because he can’t communicate because….

– Huge growth in speech/language. Nathan’s expressive language has gone from short (3-5 word sentances) to full, well thought-out sentences. Paragraphs. Me begging him to be quiet, just for a minute

– Pretend play & cooperative play

– Ability to sit still, pay attention and learn & is NOT a candidate for “Ritalin!”

– Nathan is making friends

– Emotional growth – he has more empathy, is interested in others, feels sad when others are sad, brings home pictures as “presents” (he did none of this in pre-school)

That’s what GFCF has done for us. What has it done for you?