What child doesn’t love chicken nuggets? Pre-GFCF, I had 2 kids that would eat Chicken Nuggets morning, noon and night. Now, they’ll eat tons of food, but they still covet Nuggets.

Here’s a super-simple recipe for Chicken Nuggets

2-3 cups GF Crispy Rice Cereal
2 tsp Mrs. Dash original
1 cup GF Cornflakes Cereal
1 cup GF Cheerios (we like Perky-Os)
1 egg (or water)
1 lb chicken breast, cut into strips or chunks

In a food processor or handy chopper, blend each cereal (by itself) until crushed finely. Add to one big bowl. Blend together. Add a bit of Mrs. Dash. You can omit this or use spices your kid will tolerate. Pour into a resealable container except for around 1 cup. This way you can make up a whole bunch for next time!

Dip chicken pieces in egg and then into the cereal mixture. Turn to coat. Lay on a baking tray and bake at 400 for about 20 minutes. I put them on parchment paper and they never stick! You can freeze these now & reheat either in a deep fryer or the oven another day.

This is the simplest Chicken Nugget recipe I’ve come across. You can vary the cereals, proportions and spices until you find one that is “finger-licking good”. My boys have declared these to be “almost as good as McDonalds”. I wouldn’t go that far, but they’re pretty good for a nugget!