Sorry Sorry Sorry. I totally forgot to post yesterday for Thrifty Tuesday. You know, the day I try to find ways to spend LESS money on GFCF?

Here’s my shop around story for the week. I went to the local drugstore, you know, the one where a tube of toothpaste is worth about 4.50 (not on sale) & bought our Epsom Salts. They were on sale for 3.50 for 1.8 kgs! I bought 4 bottles, which was their entire stock. And, no I didn’t feel guilty. Normally, they are 3.99 for the same size. So, not a big sale, but a sale.

So, I go to the Big City Health Food Store & buy Epsom salts there. Clearly, I was having a brain freeze at the moment, because I paid 4.99 for HALF the amount of salt. Yes, we did need it. No, we did not need it that badly.

Moral of the story – know your prices. Shop around. Don’t be afraid to look in even the rinky-dinky-est store. You never know where you’ll find your next great deal!

Or, if that’s not a Thrifty tip you can use, here’s another:
Water with lemon juice

That’s right. My kids think a glass of water, with a splash of lemon and lime juice with a 1 tsp of sugar is “Lemonade”. They’ll guzzle gallons of the stuff. I bought 1 container of lemon and 1 of lime juice (total cost about $4) about a year ago. It’s just about gone now. Now, that’s a whole lot cheaper than a bunch of “organic juice!”