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Who doesn’t love spaghetti? My guys ask for it at least once a week. We eat a lot of corn & quinoa macaroni noodles and brown rice noodles, but they really wanted the “long skinny noodles”.

I heard great things about Tinkyada so as soon as I found it, I had to try it. Well, everything you’ve heard is true. It is good. No, it is amazing! No, it isn’t wheat pasta, there is a different texture & taste, but different doesn’t have to mean Bad.

The pasta does take longer to cook – about 15 minutes, so that is the only downside. It will take a fair amount of “over cooking” but does tend to clump together. This is easily solved by tossing a little olive oil on the pasta, is breaks apart easily.

You can also cook the pasta by tossing it in boiling water for 2 minutes, turn off the heat & let stand for 20. This works really well too, especially if you are afraid of boiling your pot dry!

The ingredients are: stone-ground rice & water. Well, can’t argue with that! It’s 200 calories per cup (cooked), essentially no fat, no sugar & 4 grams of protein.

We generally pair our pasta with meat sauce, heavy on the ground beef. It’s a great way to get extra beef in the children. They often eat 2 plates each!

I recommend this pasta 100% We paid 3.99 for 454 g, so not toooo much more than a wheat pasta, so that’s pretty nice too. We eat almost a full package for our family of 4, just in case you are wondering.