My lovely husband will be away all weekend. This used to be a source of “Oh My God. I hope the kids don’t flip out all weekend” No longer folks. Now, it is a good time to get some stuff “done” in the kitchen without having to be interrupted.

So here’s what we’re planning to make while he’s away:

Donut Muffins (2 batches, minimum)
Banana Pancakes (enough for at least 2 weeks)
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Beef Bean and Vegetable Soup
Everyday Chocolate Cake
Bread (I haven’t decided which one yet)

Plus vegetable prep for next week. (Slicing carrots, broccoli, cauliflower)

Yes, it is a time to get busy cooking & get the kids to help too. They just love to measure, stir and scoop. I love that if we use the 1/8 measuring cup to make 1 cup of flour they have to really practice their counting skills. Plus it’s turn-taking, interaction and sharing. Who says I don’t “homeschool”?

I know, some people cringe at spending all weekend in the kitchen. Well, it’s too cold here to do anything else, so we might as well enjoy the baking. The upside is, having the oven on all day helps to keep the house warmer too!