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So, Sunday was a tougher day for Nathan too. He wasn’t quite a volatile, but certainly not completely himself either.

Another odd thing I noticed – he’s taken to asking for a stool when he’s having a bowel movement – for extra “leverage” if you know what I mean…

So, I asked him this morning – does it hurt when you poop? He says yes. I’ve been gradually upping his biotin (we’re at about 3 mg per day) with some 5 mg capsules on order. I’m thinking he’s not getting enough magnesium to go with. Of course, ours is in tablet form, that he chews (ew), so he really hates it. We also do epsom salt baths nightly, but it’s not making enough of a difference.

The other thing I want to start is Folic Acid. This is to support his speech. I’ve been holding back for almost a month due to other vitamins, infractions or illness. However, he’s making some breakthroughs in speech right now, so I’d like to start it soon.

What I am thinking is to up his magnesium today. Wait until Friday, give Folic Acid & watch for reactions. I’ll keep you posted.