We started Nathan on 1 mg (1000 mcg) of Folic Acid on Thursday. He is making some major gains in speech these days & I really want to help support that growth.   Is it doing anything?  At this point, I would say “No”.  I think it is increasing his yeast because he’s getting progressively louder.

He’s currently taking biotin everyday, 4 x 300 mcg at each meal, with magnesium at breakfast to support absorbtion.  This has been enough to keep the yeast in check, up until now.  So, now the question is, do I increase the biotin or add in Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)?

We’re (still) waiting on an order for 5 mg capsules of biotin, which I am hoping to try at a rate of 3 per day.  He really hates the biotin tabs that he takes, mostly because he insists on chewing them.   So, today I mixed them in his Dari-free (ground up) and he drank that up without much complaint.

I’ve also started giving him Trienza at breakfast and supper, with the chewables of each (AFP Peptizyde, No-Fenol & Zyme Prime) in his lunch.  Prior to adding the Folic Acid, it seemed like this was working better for him. 

Dana (of danasview) recommended Carnitine to assist with absorbtion of Folic Acid.  She also pointed out that both folic & carnitine are needed for B12 absorbtion.  B12 was quite effective for her son for speech.  Hmmmm…..guess where my next Adventure will be leading?