So, I had a really “day” at work yesterday & couldn’t bear to face one more second of computer time at home, so I missed Thrifty Tuesday posting.  Oops.

Well, if you were waiting on baited breath for a new tip, hint or idea, I am sorry.  My next favorite way to save money:  hand-me down clothes

We get tons of hand-me downs from our nephew and cousin which saves at least $200 per kid per year, I think.  Being a family hand-me down, we get shoes, books, winter clothes, underwear, socks, plus all the pants, shirts, bathing suits…..anyhow, you name it in a wardrobe, we get it.

But, I have  no family hand-me downs, you say!  We also like thrift stores and Freecycle.  I believe strongly in “pay it forward”, so anything we have to get rid of, we try to give it away.  At one time, I did big yardsales, which really helped to pay for some needed therapy.  Now we’re in a better financial spot, so I’m giving away.

Best ever things at a thrift store: PJs, shoes, designer clothes (which I wouldn’t buy new, but used, they are still practically new!), winter clothes.  The PJs are my fav hand-me down, they are soft, warm, already broken in & hopefully free of flame retardant chemicals now.  (You can also dress kids in new long underwear, if you are concerned about the chemicals!)

The biggest stumbling block at a thrift store?  YOU.  You have to ‘get over yourself’.  You may feel like I did, not “poor enough” to shop at a thrift store.  To this, I say, GET OVER IT!

Example:  used PJs = 1.00 (or less)  New PJs = $12.00  difference = 11.00

x 2 boys x 5 pairs each = 22 x 5 = $110

Or, even if you just buy 5 new, that’s $55.  That’s a bottle or more of any supplement you are using.  Or, it is 9 loaves of $6 bread.  Or, 11 boxes of frozen waffles.

Feel better now?  I do.