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Previously, I wrote that giving Nathan 1000 mcg of Folic Acid (for speech development) drastically increased his yeast.  We are talking so bad that his babysitter wanted to know what was “wrong with him”.

I decided to go with a double punch approach – GSE and Biotin.  I decreased his biotin to 2×300 mcg x 3 times a day = 1800 mcg (we were doing 3000 mcg) to keep the biotin built up in his system.

Then I hit the yeast with 4 drops of GSE twice per day.  I’ve done this 2 days in a row & the yeast behaviours are GONE.  His speech clarity has increased, his volume button is working again and he’s less irritable.

Also, we finally got our order (about 2 weeks) from iHerb of 5 mg Biotin (Country Life Brand), Magnesium and Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA.  I will be doing a review on iHerb another day, maybe after I order once more, to make sure the great service I got was not a one-time thing!!

So, I started Nathan on 5 mg of Biotin last night, of which I don’t know how much he got because his little brother started drinking his juice.  He did get the full 5 mg this morning though. My hope is that will be enough (5 mg x 1/day) to control his yeast, but if we add B12, I expect we may have to continue battling.

As of right now, I think either solving the yeast or the Folic Acid is helping.  Nathan’s speech was (for him) incredibly clear and he had quite a conversation with me this morning.  Keep your fingers crossed!