I hope that this blog is helpful to other people also, but I am loving how I can keep track of stuff here too.  For instance, I can look back & see what level of supplementation is working (or not working) for Nathan. 

We started him on folic acid (1000 mcg), increased yeast like crazy.  So I gave him 4 drops GSE in the a.m. & 2 in evening for 2 days.  Then I backed off to 2 drops each in a.m. and pm.  We’re not home enough to leave 2 hours between probiotics and GSE, so he’s not had any all week.  I’ve been steadily increasing his biotin & he is now at 10 mg per day, split into 5 mg in am and 5 mg in pm. 

I’m going to keep him on the GSE for the weekend and see if I notice any other improvements in him.  Sometimes treating the yeast really helps him to concentrate on  a new task.  Sometimes it makes no difference. 

We’re also at nearly a full moon, so I’ve pulled potatoes out of his diet, except for the Darifree, which I’ll pull tomorrow.  Just a little trial. I can’t see that it’ll make a difference, but who knows.

Oh, and I am itching like crazy after working with wheat flour (for hubby’s supper) tonight.  Can’t believe how uncomfortable I am feeling right now. Yet, I ate the pizza & haven’t had any ill effect?  I did take 1 Trienza & 2 AFP Peptizyde chewables.  I’m working on the right ratio (for me) to be able to handle a little bit of dairy & wheat on an occasional basis.