We’re trying out Super Nu-Thera at our house now. We started with a trial size of Lemon Lime liquid which is gross-nasty by itself. That is about as low as I can rate something, really. So, we’ve mixed it in with strong citrus type juice (just a bit) and Nathan seems to drink it without much complaint.

I noticed it seemed to increase his yeast a bit, but I haven’t started aggressively treating that. I want to give the trial a full week before I look at what else has changed for him. Give him a chance to settle into the supplement. I understand it can increase hyper-activity in some kids (check Yes) but is supposed to level off after 3 weeks or so.

I got my trial bottles (3) from Feel Good Natural – they sell most (maybe all) the Kirkman trial sizes, but you have to get 3. That’s ok with me, 1 bottle wouldn’t have been a proper trial anyhow. We’ve now got a Super NuThera with P5P trial on order and the powdered SNT trial as well. I’m hoping for a tasteless version or at least a pleasing taste.

As far as “improvements” – I have not seen any yet. No increase in language, eye contact, behaviour, gross motor or fine motor gains. Nothing. I also haven’t seen any losses. So, at this point, it is too soon to tell.

More on this review to come, I am sure.